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I am looking forward to Seahorse Chorale’s upcoming performance trip.  I am very proud of Seahorse Chorale for the hard work they have put into preparing for their performance and know that they are going to do an amazing job! 

I wanted to provide you with some important information in preparation for the performance trip on Friday:

  • If you need to contact me at any time during the trip, I can be best reached via text on The Sanibel School’s cell phone: (239) 443-9144.  You may also call this number and I will return your call as soon as possible. 
  • We will depart The Sanibel School at 4:00am on Friday morning.  Please make sure that students arrive in time for our departure.  If you are going up the night before and meeting us at Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge that morning, please meet us there by 7:30am for our breakfast. 
  • All students should come dressed in their Seahorse Chorale Disney t-shirts.   They will wear these to breakfast and also around the theme park after our performance.
  • Students should bring the following with them on the performance trip:
    • Seahorse Chorale concert attire to wear for the performance (Girls will wear their black dresses and black flats.  Boys will wear blue vest and blue bow tie, white button-down dress shirt, black dress pants, and black dress shoes.). 
      • If your child is meeting us at Boma in the morning instead of riding the bus from The Sanibel School, please have them bring this concert attire to Boma. 
    • Cash for dinner, snacks, souvenirs, etc.  Due to the high costs at the Magic Kingdom, I would recommend that students bring at least $40.00 cash. 
    • Sweatshirt or coat to wear in the park in case it is chilly.
    • Snacks and drinks to enjoy on the bus.
    • Pillow or blanket to keep on the bus for traveling comfort (optional)
  • Our performance time is at 11:00am at the Marketplace Stage in Disney Springs (the stage across from the World of Disney Store).  It is free for anyone to attend this performance, as there is no admission fee for Disney Springs.  I recommend that you arrive early to provide enough time for parking and walking to the performance location.
  • After our performance, in accordance with Disney policy, students will, unfortunately, not be able to socialize with the audience after the performance.  We will be escorted offstage by a Disney cast member immediately and brought to the backstage area to change back into the Seahorse Chorale Disney t-shirts and other park clothes.
  • If your child will not be riding the bus back to Sanibel and you would like to collect your child’s concert attire after the performance, this may be done in the Strawberry Parking Lot of Disney Springs (the lot near the side of Cirque du Soleil).  You may meet us where the bus is parked around 11:45am to pick up your child’s attire.  This time is approximate, as after the performance, we will be going back to the backstage area of Disney Springs to change; Disney will also present a closing presentation.  We will then travel to the Strawberry Parking lot from there.  The students will contact you with the exact location of where the bus will be parked once we arrive (we will be traveling on a Dolphin Transportation bus). 
    • Students may also choose to rent a locker at the Magic Kingdom to store their belongings.  We will stop by the lockers as we enter the park.  Please consult the Disney website for pricing. 
  • If your child will be riding the bus back to Sanibel from Walt Disney World, our approximate arrival time is 12:30am.  However, you do not necessarily need to arrive at the school at that time.  I will have your child contact you as soon as we exit I-75 onto Daniels Parkway to let you know when we are approximately 40 minutes away from the school. 
  • Lastly, I wanted to provide you with an updated version of our itinerary for the Disney Trip:
    • 4:00am - Departure Time from The Sanibel School
    • 7:30am – Breakfast at Boma at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
    • 9:15am – Leave Boma and travel to backstage area at Disney Springs
    • 9:40-10:15am - Meet with Disney Cast Member / Restroom Break / Drink Break / Get Changed into Concert Attire
    • 10:15-10:30am – Travel to Disney Springs and get set-up for performance
    • 11:00am – Performance Time at the Marketplace Stage in Disney Springs!!!
    • 11:25am – Travel back to Backstage Cast Area in Disney Springs / Get changed into park clothes / Restroom Break / Drink Break
    • 11:45am – Bus travels to Strawberry Parking lot at Disney Springs for concert attire pick-up from some parents
    • 12:00pm - Travel to Transportation and Ticket Center
    • 12:15pm – Take monorail from Transportation and Ticket Center to Magic Kingdom
    • 12:30pm – Arrive at Magic Kingdom and get lockers for students who need a locker
    • 12:40pm – Enjoy time in Magic Kingdom
    • 8:00pm – Approximate pick up time for students staying at Disney
    • 8:00pm – Shopping in front of Magic Kingdom
    • 8:45pm – Depart Magic Kingdom for Transportation and Ticket Center
    • 9:00pm – Depart Transportation and Ticket Center on bus for The Sanibel School
    • 12:30am - Approximate arrival time back at The Sanibel School

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you very much!

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