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Parentlink at The Sanibel School




The Lee County school district uses an electronic communications system called Parentlink.  Through Parentlink, you can monitor your student's achievement, attendance, cafeteria balance, and more. 

Increased awareness of school and district activities is a big part of the Parentlink system. Parentlink connects principals, teachers, parents, students and the community together through a web portal, email messaging, phone notifications, text messaging, and printed letters.

The ParentLink system delivers automated daily attendance notifications to parents of students having an unexcused absence for the day.  Automated daily notifications are delivered at 5:00 p.m. each school day and may include Sanibel School specific announcements, District issued information and notifications of low cafeteria balances.  Delivery methods include phone, email, and web. SmartPhone apps are also available (see below for more information).  Your studentsí accounts may be viewed using the following account credentials:  

         Parents may log in using the student ID number of your oldest child attending a LCSD school + 2 initials. If both parents have the same initials, one of the parents will have a 1 after the initials (i.e., 12345678ab1).   With a few exceptions passwords were changed this summer during the upgrade.  Your default password is the oldest studentís birthday, in 6 digit form (mmddyy).

         Students may log in using his or her student ID number.  Students must also use a password Ė the default password is that studentís birthdate in 8 digit form (mmddyyyy).  Each student has his or her own account.

Parents, please be sure to keep your account credentials private.  Change your password after you first log in to something unique.  Students should always log in using their individual account information, and not their parentís.  The web address for ParentLink remains the same (Parentlink.leeschools.net).  If you are not able to access ParentLink, please contact Donna Marks at the Sanibel School (472-1617).


Parentlink uses the following communication methods:



      Grades should be updated weekly on Wednesday, and are reflective of the previous week's grades.


      If you have a question about your child's grades or attendance, or are concerned about a specific grade or assignment,

      please contact your child's school directly for the most up-to-date information.



      Cafeteria balances are updated nightly.   Depending on timing, they might not include the current day's activity. 


      If you have questions about the balance, please contact your child's school.  


      Automated messages about low cafeteria balances are sent out by the District and are not be controlled by the Sanibel School.



      To update your contact information (telephone number or e-mail address) please contact Donna Marks, the Information Specialist, at the Sanibel School (472-1617).  Contact information cannot be changed directly in the ParentLink System.


      If you have questions about the contact information, please contact Donna Marks via telephone or e-mail




      If you are having difficulty accessing ParentLink or finding the information you need, please contact The Sanibel School and

      ask to speak to Donna Marks.  She will be able to assist you in using the ParentLink system.

      We sincerely hope that this communication tool helps you and your child in meeting your educational goals. 

      The School District of Lee County


Home Page After a parent logs in, they will see their home page with the following tabs to click on:


This website is divided into different sections which can be accessed using the tabs at the top: Home, School, Messages, My Account, Classes and Help. Each section is detailed below.


Schools Tab

This tab has three sub areas: announcements, school info and cafeteria.



Announcements Tab

The Announcements tab allows parents to see the announcements for all the schools where their students are assigned. The school info tab brings up a directory of the contact information for every school in the district. The cafeteria tab, once fully implemented, will display the balance of prepaid lunches and also the status of paid/reduced or free lunch status. The Sanibel School will continue to use the Monday Reporter as our primary means of communicating announcements.


Messages Tab

The Messages tab tracks the automatic messages generated from our grade and attendance management program and the messages constructed by teachers and administrators. Parentlink will automatically create messages when a child misses school and/or accumulates a certain numbers of tardies or absences. Please remember to delete these messages after you have read them.


Help Tab

The Help tab has the contact information for various departments, schools and individuals. Parents should contact their schoolís Parentlink support person with any questions or issues with Parentlink. At The Sanibel School, both Michael Anderson and Donna Marks will serve as Parentlink support personnel. Donna Marks can be reached at 472-1617 or donnamm@leeschools.net. Michael Anderson can be reached at 887-1526 or mikeda@leeschools.net.


My Account Tab

      The Account tab displays parentís contact information Ė phone numbers, email address, etc. This information may only be changed by completing the requisite paperwork in the school office. It cannot be changed in Parentlink. Please contact Donna Marks in the school office.


Classes Tab

This tab gives parents detailed information about the performance of their student. This tab has four sub tabs:

      Class Info - the studentís schedule and teachers.

      Attendance - attendance records per class

      Grades Ė quarter grades for each class.

      Assignments Ė a view of graded assignments in each class and the grade earned for each assignment. NOTE: Sometimes teachers have unique ways of posting assignments. If you have a question about a grade, make sure to contact that teacher directly or check the class syllabus. The assignments tab replaces the Middle School Grades at a Glance webpage, which provided the weekly posting of grades for our middle school academic classes. Grades will now be posted through Parentlink for students in grades 1 through 8.