Dear Parents,

This page is for you! We will add links to useful websites and upload articles that are helpful. Let us know if there is something you would like to see added here. We are grateful for your support and appreciate you!


Under a new federal program, families who qualify for free or reduced school lunch may also qualify to receive home internet service from local Internet providers at a reduced rate. For more information go to:  


The Common Sense Media is a website which evaluates and rates all kinds of media and technology including games, movies, websites and applications. The site rates media for age appropriateness, language and violence. It is also a good resource for information on how to facilitate parent/child discussions on internet safety. Common Sense Media can be found at:


The Eraser Challenge is a peer challenge to use an eraser, either on a pencil or a chunk eraser, to rub vigorously in a back a forth motion on a concentrated area of the hand or forearm to create a burn. Sometimes this is done until the skin turns red or is worn away and bleeding occurs. Individuals dare each other to see who can withstand the pain and the burn, as a measure of toughness. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children about the dangers of succumbing to negative peer-pressure. We will continue to periodically make parents aware of dangerous activities and will post this information on our school website as a reference for parents. Our school counselor, Linda Reynolds, is available to counsel students and collaborate with parents.


Students and adults alike are taking the “Cinnamon Challenge” which consists of a dare to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without water. The problem begins as the spice does not break down quickly in water and immediately causes gagging and even vomiting. Doctors are warning of dangers associate with this activity as the cinnamon can prevent air from reaching the lungs. A spokesman from the Food and Drug Administration states the “Cinnamon Challenge” is an obvious choking hazard and should be avoided. Huron High School principal, Arthur Williams, reported that a student was recently hospitalized for 4 ½ days because of lung trouble as a result of the challenge.

Parents are encouraged to discuss with their students the dangers of succumbing to negative peer-pressure, and taking the “Cinnamon Challenge.” For more information see the below link, or search the internet for “Cinnamon Challenge.”


The “Choking Game” is a life threatening activity that is circulating through teen and pre-teen culture. Children have died as a result of engaging in this self-asphyxiation or strangulation behavior. Currently, the dangers of this activity are discussed in the 5th and 7th grade DARE programs. When necessary, The “Choking Game” may also be addressed in other grade levels upon consulting with the teacher. It is important that parents are alerted to the dangers so that they can also warn their children. Additional information is available at


The District has licensed free downloads of Microsoft Office 365 for all students. Office 365 is a combination of the Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc), along with some of Microsoft's cloud services. For information on how you can obtain free copies of this software, click here.