Students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade earn Sea Horse tickets for good behavior, helpful attitude, and an eagerness to learn. Each week we select a Sea Horse ticket winner from these classes.  These students get to come to the office and select a prize from our prize cabinet. The following students are this week’s citizens of the week: Charlee Armstrong, Grant Muddell, Timmy Bloetz and Andrew Wolf. Congratulations!

ORFF CLUB MEETS ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30TH                                                       The Orff Club will meet during their usual time on Wednesday, August 30th from 2:15-3:05p.m. in the music room.   All members are expected to attend.  Our next meeting will occur on Wednesday, September 6th.  Please contact Mr. Giangreco at [email protected] if you have any questions.

NEXT REHEARSAL MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH.  The choir will not rehearse next Monday, September 4th due to Labor Day. Please contact Mr. Giangreco at [email protected] if you have any questions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Parents, you and your student have access to LaunchPad on home or anywhere you can connect to the Internet.  From LaunchPad you will have access to many instructional applications as well as the student’s gradebook (FOCUS).  You do not need to use a Chromebook, as almost any personal device will work.  Attached please find directions on how to access this site as well as what information is required to log in.  This form is also posted on The Sanibel School website under “Forms”.  If your student does not know his/her username and password, please send the form back to school for the homeroom teacher to complete.  Note some school-hosted applications on the Student Sharepoint site such as Successmaker are not available when off network.


School Transitions Can Take a Toll on Academic Performance

According to several recent studies, student transitions can significantly impact a child's sense of belonging -- and that in turn can hamper cognitive development and school performance. The studies also suggest that early intervention that seeks to address how students feel about transitions can have a positive impact. "How we think about a stressful situation influences how we feel and how we perform," said Adam Gamoran of the William T. Grant Foundation. "It turns out children are better able to cope if they understand what they're going through is normal, that it affects everyone, and that it will pass."   Read the full article here. (no need to register).


This week and next, Ms. Payne will finish teaching all students how to use our incredible new eBook lending platform, OVERDRIVE!  We have hundreds of fiction and nonfiction books available for kids, and more will be added frequently.  Students can access OVERDRIVE through the student Apps Launcher (in the Instructional Apps folder) or the Destiny District or Sanibel School home pages.  Parents, CAUTION: higher levels of content maturity will be available to your student, so please be aware of and take an active role in learning what your child is reading.  It’ a fantastic tool, but as always, children should be supervised at all times when accessing the Internet.  Keep reading Sanibel!





Sanibel School T-shirts are available in the front office (sizes S, M, L and XL) for $10 each.  School spirit days are Fridays giving students many opportunities to wear their pride.  Office hours are 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.


TIME TO look at volunteering!

Please consider volunteering here at The Sanibel School.  If you are able to give some time this school year, please complete a 2017-2018 Volunteer application and offer to assist us.  We love our volunteers.  They really help in so many ways.  We will need you to sign a privacy form and leave a copy of your driver’s license as well.  Also, all volunteers need to attend a volunteer orientation.  The next one is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27th at 8:30 a.m. Any questions, contact Linda Reynolds at [email protected]  or call her at 239-472-1617.   



Under a new federal program, families who qualify for free or reduced school lunch may also qualify to receive home internet service from local Internet providers at a reduced rate. For more information go to:  



The first School Advisory Council (SAC) meeting of the school year was held on Wednesday, August 23. SAC members learned of the ambitions improvement goals that have been developed for the upcoming school year. These include the goal of a greater number of students gaining proficiency in math, language, and science at both the elementary and middle school levels and strong goals for increasing learning gains for all students, particularly among the students that have previously scored in the lower 25%. The Sanibel School did very well in all of these areas last year but is committed to doing even better this year and to address the needs of all students in new and innovative ways. More support staff will be working with the children to make sure that all students have the tools that they need to succeed. Also, the increased focus on STEM classes is an exciting addition to the curriculum and will be a large component of the academic picture for middle school students and for elementary students as well. Much of the fund raising done by the SSF and the PTA will be geared toward supporting the needs of the various STEM programs that are being implemented at the school. The focus on leadership, public speaking, and project- based learning will continue this year and will be expanded to ensure that every child has the opportunity to identify his/ her strengths and to be successful. PTA President Kimberly Paulus spoke about the PTA's intent to identify year- round fund raising initiatives and SSF President Christian Fautz reported that the May 2017 golf tournament was hugely successful. SSF is already planning this year's tournament with the goal of bringing in even more money this year which will support many of the school's programs. Parent conferences will be held in October and a Leadership Day is already scheduled for May 2018. SAC meetings are an excellent way to learn more about the programs and procedures that are in place at the school to cultivate every childs' success. All are welcome.



If you would like to order an engraved paver to be installed in the school courtyard, please pick up an order form from the office.  Orders will continue to be taken throughout the school year.  If you prefer to have a form emailed to you, email Jennifer McSorley at [email protected]   Please include your $125.00 donation to the Sanibel School Fund with each paver order and send the order to the office.  If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer McSorley. All pavers are ordered annually in May.



Parents of 8th grade students, we want your child to shine this year.  Ms. Payne is in need of photos of your 8th grader and his/her friends for the yearbook and 8th Grade Video shown at the promotion ceremony!  Please send your 8th grader’s baby photo right away and share as many fun photos as you can, featuring your 8th grade student with his or her Sanibel School friends together through the years.  You may send printed photos, USB drives, or digital photos uploaded and shared in Google Drive.  Ms. Payne’s email address for Google Drive is

[email protected], but please send the photos in Drive, not by email.  It’s going to be a great final year for your students, so keep the fun photos coming throughout the year!




Would you like to share a special birthday announcement or greeting for your child on our televised morning announcements at school?  Would your child and a group of friends love coming into the studio to sing “Happy Birthday” to their classmate, sibling, or teacher?  We can get it done!  To raise funds for new video equipment and materials, our Sea-TV crew offers the following Birthday Greetings at the following prices:

  • Sea-TV anchor wishes your special person “Happy Birthday” on the air - $1.00
  • The anchors and you or your child wish your special person “Happy Birthday” - $2.00
  • You or your child and up to three chosen friends sing the announcement in the studio - $5.00

Please contact Ms. Payne with details at least a week in advance!  Unbirthday greetings for summer birthdays are welcome too!



Calling all volunteers needing a place to plug in at The Sanibel School!  Ms. Payne has open slots for weekly volunteers and can also use a list of substitute and book fair volunteers on occasion during the year as well.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities to share your time and talents, please contact her at [email protected] .  Middle School community service volunteers should contact her in the Google classroom for community service or come see her in the Media Center in advance.  Parents, please encourage your students to take responsibility for arranging for them to work their hours of service.  They are always a huge help to our Media programs.



The Sanibel School Fund is looking for teammates to help raise money for the Spanish, Business Leadership, and Stem programs at the Sanibel School.  If you are interested in joining this wonderful team, please contact our President Christian Fautz at [email protected] or (917) 763-6824.  We could really use your support!   Becoming a part of TEAM SANIBEL will be world changing for you and for the kids of Sanibel Island.



Please visit The Sanibel School website for more information about school policies, activities, calendar of events, our faculty, homework portals, teacher websites, and so much more!



We welcome our parents to join us for lunch each day! As a reminder, you may eat lunch with your child and two friends of their choice. If you have more than one of your children eating lunch with you during the same lunch period, please have your children choose only one friend each to join them at lunch. Thank you.



11:08 – 11:33                 1ST GRADE

11:20 – 11:45                 2ND GRADE

11:30 - 11:55                 4TH GRADE

11:37 – 12:02                 3RD GRADE

11:45 – 12:10                 5TH GRADE

11:55 – 12.20              KINDERGARTEN

12:25 – 12:50              MIDDLE SCHOOL (MONDAY LUNCH -12:15 TO 12:40)